Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

It has been a Happy Mother's Day indeed! I hope it's a wonderful day for all the other Mom's out there that I know and love.

I am thankful for and celebrating my own mother today, even though I can't spend the day with her due to distance, but I am thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful Mother---one who has been a great example to me as I am now a mother myself. Thank you, Mom for all you've done for me from birth until now. I love you and miss you!

My husband and daughter worked hard to make sure that I felt very loved and special today. For me the specialness started yesterday when Kane came home with a dozen beautiful variegated pink roses. I was also served my coffee and breakfast in bed this morning followed with 2 special cards from Kane and Mara Kate and also a gift, which I was quite surprised about, but am very excited about as well!

My beautiful flowers

My gift, a GPS navigator. Something I've wanted for awhile, but definitely was NOT expecting to receive anytime soon, so I was fully surprised and grateful.
Thanks Babe---you did a great job on this gift!!!

I absolutely love being a Mommy!
Thank you God for my precious daughter!

...and after worship this morning we went out to eat at Jim N Nick's BBQ for lunch, which is fairly new to Atlanta (actually, I didn't know there was one here until yesterday). We invited our friends the Jensens to join us and we had a great time eating lunch with them. Katie and I became mothers for the first time less than 2 weeks apart, so it was special to celebrate with them and of course Mara Kate and Ella Ann were pleased with the arrangement.

Mara Kate and Ella Ann, dressed in their Sunday best waiting on their yummy food!

The men

Katie with Baby Rane

Katie and me

Spencer and Katie---thanks for joining us! We had a blast hanging out with you guys--we'll do it again soon!


Katie said...

Thanks for asking us! We had a blast and it was so nice to spend Mother's Day together!!!!


alley said...

Glad ya had fun!
Happy Mothers Day!
Gator :)

Christy said...

Happy Mother's Day Jana!!! What a great present...Ness finds hers very helpful indeed! Hope you're having a good week...