Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dresden & Grant--4 Years Old!

Dresden, Mara Kate and Grant.
taken last Summer, the last time all the cousins were together.

Four years ago our family welcomed 2 new babies only 5 days apart from one another. That time was so exciting and special! I remember making the trip up to Bristol to meet my new niece (Tara's new one) and nephew (Heidi's new one). At the time I was a few months pregnant with Mara Kate and was so excited about holding 2 brand new babies while thinking about the fact that I would be having a new baby of my own to hold in a few short months. That visit is forever engraved upon my mind and I remember vividly the feelings I had when I arrived at Heidi and Jeph's apartment that morning. It felt almost like it was Christmas morning because of the excitement the air held.

I remember coming in and walking back to Heidi's bedroom where she was nursing her new, 3 week early, 2 week old baby boy. I peeked in at him from under the blanket and all I could see was the top of his little newborn head. I remember in that moment having my breath literally taken away! His head was so tiny! I was overwhelmed by the fact that my little sister was now a new mommy of a little boy! We still don't have many boys in our family (none since Grant was born) and the newness of him was just so special. I remember that he was very wiry and kicked a lot of the time! He was (and still is) a precious little boy and I fell in love with him right away.

I also remember Dresden, looking perfectly feminine and sweet. She was a cuddler as a baby and I remember laying down on Heidi's couch and holding her for a long, long time on my chest and feeling like she was just melting into me like a big soft stick of butter. Precious, precious memories for sure.

So, this past week these babies turned 4. It's been so fun having 3 cousins (MK included) so close to the same age. It's made for some interesting moments, but over all they have a blast together. I know it will be special even as they grow older to have cousins so close in age.

We weren't able to be with Dresden on her birthday as, sadly she lives too far away. However, yesterday we drove part way to Birmingham to meet up with Heidi, Grant and Olivia to celebrate Grant's birthday together and in person. We had a blast and it was great having the kiddos together. We are also looking forward to going to Grant's actual birthday party next weekend where we'll get to celebrate some more!

Some pictures of when these two were quite new!

Proud Grandpa with Grant (L) and Dresden (R)

Holding both at once (with Liam excitedly looking on). What a fun day that was!

Kane and I taking it all in.
I remember having a conversation while sitting here about
the excitement that was building for our own baby that was on it's (her) way.

Sweet baby Dresden

Tiny, precious Grant

Both sharing Dresden's carseat, taking a little snooze

More snoozing...brand new babies do that a lot!

To see pictures of our fun time with the Guinans yesterday, click here.


Heidi said...

Oh my goodness!! That doesn't seem like very long ago at ALL :( Those were such fun and precious days and they went by way too quickly. My little guy was sooo's so easy to forget! Thanks so much for posting this and for loving my boy so much...and again for coming to meet us means a lot to me that we have some family close enough to share special days with. I wish I could go right back and hold that my sweet BABY boy...and both of his little cousins!

Tara said...
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