Thursday, May 07, 2009

You Know You're A Grown-Up When...

...getting a new iron thrills you and makes your day! ha!

My old iron, the one we registered for when Kane and I were engaged and scanned whatever looked good to us, before we knew to consult Consumer Reports for any and every house-holdy purchase we make has been acting up for the last few months. It's been driving me crazy because it just didn't get hot enough to get some of the toughest wrinkles out and then it started pouring water out of the steam holes at random times. I'd be ironing and I'd pick the iron up to move it and the item I'd be ironing would be drenched from water that was just freely pouring out on everything...very frustrating!!

I recently told Kane I thought we needed to get a new iron and mentioned that I knew a good iron wouldn't be cheap. He checked with Consumer Reports and found out that they recommended Rowenta brand irons pretty much across the board. Yay! I love Consumer Reports---especially when their reccomdations line up with mine (that works in my advantage and gives me added leverage with my husband)!

So, I went to Target and got the Rowenta professional-grade iron. It wasn't cheap, but it was on sale! ($10 off). I had let my ironing pile get a little too high for my taste so I was excited to use my new iron to get everything pressed and put away. I tried it out yesterday and am already in love! It was so easy, worked wonderfully and I ironed a lot of stuff in record time. I am S-O-L-D!

So, that's my review of my new Rowenta iron! Every domesticated person needs one. :)


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okay, now I'm jealous! :-)