Sunday, April 05, 2009

Preschool Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday was our church's annual preschool Easter egg hunt, lovingly hosted by the Director of Children's Ministries. The weather was absolutely beautiful and it is one of our favorite events each year, so we decided to go in spite of our pesky little coughs.

I'm glad we did too, because we had a blast (as usual) and Mara Kate came home with some loot too!

A creative, yummy dessert on the dessert table. Rice crispy eggs half dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. Could it get any better than this?

All lined up and ready to GO!

She found a pink "princess" egg, with stars and wands all over it.
She was very excited about this egg!

"I see a blue one, Mommy!!"

Checking out her loot!

The beautiful yard where the kiddos hunted for their eggs.


...after the hunt on our way home there was this crazy "chick" standing outside the leasing office dancing around, trying to get people to come in and check out the apartment complex where we live. So, of course Mara Kate wanted to go see the chick. She was excited that she got to give it a big hug and have her picture made with it. I was surprised that she wasn't afraid at all!

Mara Kate with the "chick".


alley said...

So cute! ;) She looks SO happy in all the pics! I love Easter egg hunts, too!
Have a good day!

Grandpa said...

It looks like you got a lot of treasures in your egg hunt, MK. I love you, sweet girl!

Betsy said...

I love the rice krispie easter eggs - I might have to try that!

Heidi said...

So pretty! Looks like she had a blast! :) Love the chic picture, too!!!