Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sister Fix

My lovely sister, Heidi and her precious girl, Olivia

It's time for a sister fix!

Mara Kate and I are heading out this morning to go get a sister/cousin fix. I haven't seen my sister since the very beginning of January and we are overdue for a visit. I planned this trip partly because Kane has been working so much lately, but now that I'm taking it, his work load has calmed down just a bit. He is planning to work more while we are gone just because he can, so hopefully that will be good for him overall.

It's very rainy this morning so I'm not looking forward to a 2.5 hour drive in that kind of weather, but I am looking forward to having some time with Heidi and that Mara Kate will get to play with 2 of her cousins over the next few days.

The only down-side to going to Birmingham is that Mara Kate is still on EST while we are in CST. That translates to her waking up extremely early while we are there, which I am no good at. Hopefully I won't be too tired to enjoy my time there.

Check back next week for a picture update. :)


Tara said...

Have fun....wish I was close enough to be there, too!

Kane/Daddy said...

I miss you already.

Gator said...

So fun to get to do that! Have fun! Like mom said, we wish we could be closer to have that special girl/sister/cousin time you guys. :(
Love ya all!

Dad said...

Have a good visit. Wish we could be there with you.