Monday, March 23, 2009

Mara Kate-ism's

Mara Kate (pretending to be) riding on her "horse".

-Last night at bedtime Mara Kate was wanting her daddy to read her 1 book before bed. She picked one out and I suggested another one of her favorites and said he should just read them both to her. So when Kane told Mara Kate that he would read 2 books instead of just 1 she replied with an energetic, "Ok, Daddy! That will be cool!"

-Kane and Mara Kate were playing Candy Land recently and Kane asked for the red gingerbread man. No one else was going to have the red, so it was really no problem for him to have it (Mara Kate wanted green), but she looked up at him and said, "Sorry Daddy, Maybe next time!" ha!

-Recently Mara Kate has started to slightly change her description of what she wants (maybe in hopes of getting a different response to what she has said or asked for??! We aren't sure why she has started doing this, but it has really been cracking us up.

Here are a few examples:

She was wanting me to put her to bed one night instead of Kane (not a big surprise there), but she didn't say it quite like that. Instead she said, "I need someone who is a girl to put me to bed". :) Hmm. :) Any other girls standing around besides Mommy? Nope!

We dropped something off at Kane's office last week and when she didn't get to get out of the car and go inside she started complaining on the way home, "I needed to go in somebody's work. I needed to go in somebody's work that's a boy!". Who could that be?!

Recently when I suggested that she play "tea party" with her stuffed Curious George animal instead of me (I think I was cleaning house or something) she said, "But, I need someone with thumbs and fingernails to play tea party with me!"

In the car while driving around last week she asked for a fruit snack (her very favorite treat which happens to come in a little blue package) and I told her no. She had already had one earlier in the day. So instead she said, "I need something to eat that's blue".

And just today, she was wanting to do "school" and she said, "Mommy, I need someone who is a girl and who is a grown up to do school with me!"


Janelle said...

So funny! Love the round-about-way of asking. :)

Dad said...

Has MK mentioned that she needs a hug from someone whose hair is starting to turn gray and is a boy?

crossfield said...

hahaha... too funny! I think I heard several of these -isms while I was there. Such a smart, creative little girl! She is well on her way to womanhood!

YF Aunt Jane said...

LOL...those are so funny! Thanks for writing them down!

Susanna Rose said...

I laughed when I read funny! She's a smart one!

Mom said...

What a smart girl! Wow! I have to ask the same thing Dad did about someone with gray hair, but that is a GIRL! Love, Mom