Tuesday, March 03, 2009


It snowed in Atlanta on Sunday, which caused quite the excitement! It started while we were at church and Mara Kate's Sunday School teacher brought the whole class out to the foyer during class so the kids could watch it as it came down!

With snow being such a rare occurrence in this part of the country, we knew we had to make the most of it! Since we currently live in an apt in the city without a yard to play in, we were relegated to the top level of the parking deck where the playground resides. Mara Kate had a blast though and loved being out in the snow---wherever it was falling!

Making footprints in the snow! This was a very important thing to her.
"Mommy, I want to make footprints!!" Go right ahead!

Kane and Mara Kate building a little tiny (fairly lame) snowman.

Loving the snow!

After we came in Kane got busy right away making hot cocoa. Normally I am the one to promote traditions and the making of special memories in our household (and Kane usually just goes along with my desires), so I was surprised and glad to see Kane jump to the task. I was thinking I'd make hot chocolate after we got done playing, but he got to it before me!
Just one of the many reasons I love this man!

Kane drinking his hot cocoa!
(Mara Kate snapped this picture...she may have a love of photography in her blood. She is always wanting to take her own pictures and always tries very hard to center the subject in her shot. Also, right before she snapped this photo she said, "Daddy, say CHEESE!"

First time to try it and she loved it!

Look at that chocolate mustache!

Enjoying it together and warming our cold bones!


Anonymous said...

I was waiting for pictures of an Atlanta snow. I can't believe all my children got snow (Nashville, Atlanta, and Birmingham) and we didn't (Knoxville). So strange.


Grandpa said...

We still have some snow in our backyard that hasn't melted yet. Mara Kate, I wish you were out there right now making foot prints in it!