Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sick Girl

Mara Kate is fighting off some pink eye this week. Her eyes started oozing late Sunday night and we called the on-call pediatrician and thankfully he called in a prescription for some eye drops for her that night. Kane went out early yesterday morning and got her drops and had them here and ready for when she woke up yesterday morning. After only 4 doses she is already acting and feeling much better. Although, she is supposed to stay on the drops for a whole week, I am glad her eyes are already looking fairly normal again.

We declared yesterday a "sick day" and we pretty much let her lounge on the couch and watch movies. A big treat for her! I actually was able to get some house cleaning done while she rested.

Even though it's not fun for your baby to be sick in any capacity, this was actually easier to manage than a feverish, vomiting child, in my opinion.

Our sick girl hanging out on the couch. As you can see, she still loves cuddling with her beloved Penelope penguin, but she has added a new friend to her stuffed animal kingdom. You can also see Buster, the beluga whale who she is also quite fond of these days!


Christy said...

Oh, she looks so pitiful with her gummy eyes!!! Poor little MK! BTW, your blog design is so cute....love it! See you soon friend!

alley said...

Get well soon, Mara Kate! I love you!

Dad said...

I'm glad she was able to get started on the medicine almost as soon as she came down with the pink eye. It made me think of an analogy. She didn't know what she needed in order to get better. She wouldn't have been able to get the medicine even if she had known. She depended totally on you as her parents to provide what she needed. That is a great picture of our dependence on our heavenly Father to provide for us when we are needy and don't even know what we need.

Jana said...

Very true, Dad! Thanks!

Raquel said...

She is so beautiful! I only see perfect, no yucky eyes.