Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Few Fun Finds

Below are a few pictures of some of my favorite consignment sale finds. I bought more than is pictured but mostly just casual play clothes---little tees, jean and khaki shorts, etc. The basic essentials. I only took pictures of the things I thought were extra cute or just a really great deal!

My "splurge" item. Smocked Dress, $8.50.

So, so pretty!

Sweet light yellow dress. I think this was $3.00
I also got a little white sweater for $2 that would look so sweet over this.
(FYI--The slightly darker spot near the top center is not a grease stain---
just some water from the iron).

Love this one--love the sweet feminine collar!
The colors are so vibrant and just scream SPRING! Looks brand new.

Cute Gap Dress w/ bloomers. $4.

Fun tops for the HOT Summers in Atlanta!

Sun Dresses, $2.50 each.
The pink one came with bloomers that match the belt!

Although I am always thrilled with the clothes deals I find, I never seem have good luck finding decent shoes at these sales. I normally just go to the half-price day and by then I think the good shoes have all been swiped! So, we still have a bit of shopping to do, but will hopefully be able to find some that are not too expensive!


Katie said...

Cute stuff!!! Love the white dress!!! MK will look so pretty!

YF Aunt Jane said...

I am amazed that you could find such sweet clothes for such a steal! I LOVE the white smocked dress! Way to be thrifty and dress her so, so cute!