Saturday, March 14, 2009

Consign Sale Success

When Mara Kate was a tiny baby I started going to a consignment sale here in Atlanta twice a year. The one I go to has a Spring sale and a Fall Sale, so you can go twice a year and get the bulk of your child's upcoming wardrobe needs taken care of in one swoop! The Spring sale (1/2 price day) was this morning and I headed out the door first thing this morning braving the cold and the rain in order to get there before the doors even opened. I stood in line (thankfully there was an awning so I didn't get too wet) and was one of the first ones inside. I found lots of treasures for Mara Kate and I'm trying to learn to be pickier and pickier with each season. I still came home with over 40 items (most less than $2 per item) that will be great for this Spring and Summer. I also found a few books and if you know my daughter you know she is a book-a-holic! So, the books are what she was most excited about while I was thrilled with the great deals I got on some cute, cute clothes. Kane stayed home this morning with Mara Kate so I could shop fast. Once I got home he patiently sat and watched me show him each individual item (as well as making sure he knew the impossibly low price I paid for each thing).

I've got the clothes in the washer/dryer right now getting them all clean and fresh before hanging them in Mara Kate's closet. Once I get everything organized I may post a few pictures of my absolute favorite finds, so stay tuned for that as well!

Mara Kate looking at her new books, sitting next to my laundry basket full of bargains!


Jordana said...

Has it been a year already? Seems like yesterday we were heading to the sale in the SNOW! :-) That was a fun trip!
Glad you were able to find some great stuff and I'll look forward to see your faves!

Janelle said...

I LOVE IT!! Can't wait to see your finds (I just posted pics of mine). I usually feel you on not finding shoes, but I totally lucked out this week and got 4 pair!

Dad said...

Congratulations on your treasure hunt!

alley said...

So glad Mara Kate got some new books and you got some treasures and GREAT deals! :)
Love ya!