Sunday, March 15, 2009

One More Thing

I forgot that I wanted to post a picture of this purse I got at the consignment sale for Mara Kate. It was cheap and said Georgia Tech. It was a no brainer! Mara Kate fell in love with it immediately and is very proud to have something that says, Georgia Tech on it. She is very well aware of the fact that that is where her Daddy works/goes to school and she knew what it said before I even told her. I showed her the purse and said, "This is for you--do you know what it says"?! Her little eyes lit up and she loudly said, "GEORGIA TECH!". :) She has taken this purse with us on every outing since I gave it to her and when we are at home she sits it right by the door so she will not forget to take it next time. So sweet.

Also, look who happens to fit perfectly inside---Penelope!
She has been "napping" inside there a lot the past 2 days. :)


Dad said...

Looks like you got her started early!

Gator said...

So cute!