Thursday, February 19, 2009


This post is pretty random...

This week is flying by! Is it really already Thursday? I guess with Monday being a trip to Chattanooga and back, it made Tuesday feel like my normal Monday...and now it seems like this week has flown by.

*I have really been consistent lately with my exercising. I've found that if I switch back and forth between the treadmill and a workout DVD I tend to do better. I think I have to switch up what I do a bit to fight off boredom. I have also realized that I just hate exercising. I do not enjoy it at all! I do, however like the way I feel when I am done so when I feel like skipping out on it, I try to remember the feeling I have when I'm done and usually can get myself motivated to get movin'! I also put it as a task on my to do list and if you know me at all, you will realize that I cannot stand having things on my to do list that I have not done, so this also helps in the motivation department. I also have started listening to my own workout music on my iPod when I do my workout DVD because the music on the video is extremely lame and annoying. I can get into more without having to listen "their" music. I think I may look for another workout DVD or two, so I'll have several to choose from instead of doing the same routine every time. I also have to say that yesterday I did my workout DVD while Mara Kate was awake and she decided to join in! She layed down on the floor and I about died laughing when I looked over and saw her doing abdominal crunches along with the instructor on the tv. So cute! I may try to get a video of her exercising. She told me, "Mommy, I need to exercise too so I can be healthy!" She learned this concept from her favorite show, "Sid, the Science Kid". :)

*On another note: Kane is SO busy these days. Lately he has been getting up at 5am in order to have an hour to work in the mornings before MK or I are awake and before actually going to work. Then he works all day, comes home to eat supper then as soon as Mara Kate goes to bed he works again (from home) until bedtime either on homework, writing or processing/analyzing data. I don't see how he does it, but am very proud of him for all he is doing to push through to the end. He doubts he'll be able to use any of his vacation days for this year as he just has too much do get done in a short amount of time. Because of his intense schedule right now (that will probably continue until he is finished with grad school), I am extra thankful for the time we had together for Valentine's Day weekend. Having Kane all to myself was such a treat, especially after feeling like we had had no time together over the past few weeks. He is also pretty much working on Saturdays too and of course is still tutoring 1-2 nights every week.

*We have a membership to the Georgia Aquarium and Fernbank that are both about to expire. We really want to try to go back to both places sometime soon to get a little more use out of our memberships. I think there is a new exhibit opening at Fernbank this weekend, so I may take Mara Kate if Kane can't due to his work load. I feel like I just need to keep myself busy when he is working so I don't go crazy and I don't bother him while he is trying to focus and get things accomplished.

*On holidays and decorating. I keep seeing all of this Saint Patrick's Day decor and stuff at the stores right now. As soon as Valentine's Day was over everything turned from pink to green in just a matter of hours. Crazy. I love changing up a few of my home decorations to compliment the current season and for some holidays, but I really don't get into small holidays when it comes to decorating. I don't have a heart shaped wreath or anything shamrock themed either. I'm ok with this. I do put out some pretty eggs around Easter and then a few other things for Spring. I also change out my bedspread the beginning of March to something lighter & fresher than the burgandy spread I use during the colder months (I do this just because I happen to have 2 nice bedspreads). I have a ceramic pumpkin I set on my coffee table during the Fall and I go all out at Christmas, but I think that is appropriate. Anyway, I'm just saying, even though I love decorating and making my home a welcoming pretty place to be, I know there are those out there who do a lot more than I do in that department. I'm sure there are those who probably think I am too into this stuff, but I've realized I could be a lot worse. ha!


Dad said...

I'm very proud of you for being consistent with your exercise. It certainly is not easy when you hate it as much as you (we) do! I'm glad that MK is learning the concept early. Maybe it won't be as difficult for her as an adult. I love you!

Janelle said...

I really like the crunch dvd's Jana, look into them (and I've been able to get from Marshalls for pretty cheap). I hate it too--but you are so right, remembering the "feel good" afterwards is a good encouragement.