Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quiet Around Here

I was told by someone recently that I haven't been updating the blog enough (or as much as I usually do). I seem to have gotten out of the groove a bit, so I will try to do a bit better and post a little more often.

It has been pretty quiet around here the past few weeks (other than our trip to Knoxville). We've just been plugging along with everyday things in life. Kane is working a lot of hours lately. I guess that's par for the course since he is (hopefully) in his last 6 months grad school. So much to be done with not enough time to do it. Even though technically he "gets" 2 weeks of vacation a year, he told me a couple days ago that he probably won't be using any of it during the rest of grad school---he just has so much to get done!

Last night he called me around the time he would normally be getting ready to head home and said he had to write a portion of a proposal his boss is working on. His boss told him about it last night and said he needed it first thing this morning. So fun! So, we packed him supper, took him a sandwich, ran to the grocery store, came back and picked him up an hour later and came home. When we got home I put Mara Kate to bed while he opened his laptop and kept writing until bed time. I watched American Idol, which was fine. I just keep telling myself, this is a season that does have an ending point. It's not that I mind having to entertain myself in the evenings if he has stuff to do...the hard part is when it comes unexpected and you "think" you have plans, but they get scrapped due to work. I know that's just life.

This coming weekend Mara Kate is doing something she has never done before! She is going on a weekend trip without us. Kane's sister has been asking for some time about having Mara Kate come stay with her. So, since it's Valentine's Day this weekend, we decided it would be a great time to let her go. :) Thankfully, Elizabeth is willing to have her, even though it will hinder her and her hubby from going out alone---she said they really didn't mind. So, Kane and I are going to have the entire weekend to ourselves. We are really excited and are planning 3 dates for the 3 nights she is gone! Kane's parents sweetly offered to come pick her up and take her to Nashville for us (Yay, for no driving on the front end!). They will arrive here late Thursday and head out on Friday mid-morning. They'll leave her in Nashville and I'll meet back up with Kane's sister in Chattanooga on Monday sometime to retrieve her. I know by then I'll really be missing my sweet girl and will be ready for her to be back at home!

I'll be sure to post about our weekend and hopefully get a few pictures of us, doing fun things we can't normally do with a 3 year old, like going to the movies!

What is everyone else doing for Valentine's Day? For some reason it seems weird to me that it's on Saturday.


Janelle said...

Hope y'all have a WONDERFUL weekend!! I totally feel ya on night-time's the letdown of looking forward to quality time all day and then watching tv alone that's hard. Good attitude...this season is so close to over for you! :)

crossfield said...

I know you think we're crazy, but we are SUPER excited to have her here with us on V-Day! I am glad that all parties involved are happy with the arrangement. :) A perfect symbiotic relationship. (right, Kane?)

Mom said...

I have to work!