Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Good Daddy

I just want everyone to know---Kane is a really good Daddy. He is absolutely wonderful to Mara Kate and is always willing to play whatever she wants to play.

Yesterday she said she wanted her daddy to play "bed" with her. What is playing "bed"?! I'm not really sure what her little mind was thinking, but this is what it looked like.

You can't really see him, but Kane is there on the bed...

I lifted one of the stuffed animals and then could see a glimpse of his face.

Not sure why this is so fun for Mara Kate, but she thoroughly enjoyed covering Kane up with the sheet and covering his head with her stuffed animals. If this is playing "bed", then Kane was truly a good sport and patiently endured it all while Mara Kate's imagination ran wild. :)

So sweet!


Your other Dad said...

You are an excellent Dad, Kane. I say that not just because you were willing to play bed, but also because of all the things you do for MK and all the one-on-one time you have with her. Jana keeps us updated by blogging, facebook, and phone calls about what all you do with her (a lot of it apparently so Jana can sleep). Anyway, thanks for being such a great Dad to one of my favorite kids!

Katie said...

Oh so cute! Love that he was covered up in all those animals! I have to tell you that EA put pretend makeup all over Spencer the other night and painted his nails! I would think playing "bed" and beauty shop would be a very relaxing game for our men!

Heidi said...

SO sweet. It's amazing what these men will do for their little sweeties!! What sweet memories pictures can save for us!!