Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mara Kate the Science Kid

Mara Kate loves watching the kid's show "Sid, The Science Kid" each morning (Kane also enjoys watching it too, if he hasn't left for work yet). It's a 30 minute show where Sid (and his friends) learn about science! They have learned how to estimate when counting, why you have to brush your teeth (and what happens when you don't), what germs are and how to not spread them if you are sick and the most recent episode they learned about pulleys and how they help you lift heavy loads (like if you need to lift all your toys up to your tree house at once--a pulley could do you a lot of good). :)

Anyway, we recently did a "science experiment" with Mara Kate and told her she could be Mara Kate the Science Kid. The idea came from Kane's mom after Mara Kate was told that the snow man they built when we were in Knoxville had melted. Mara Kate didn't understand why or how it was melting, so we decided to do this science experiment to show her the melting process.

Here she is with 3 ice cubes.
We put 1 in the freezer, 1 in the refrigerator and 1 on the kitchen counter and checked on them every so often to see which one was melting the fastest. We talked about how each of those places were different temperatures and how the warmest place was where the ice would melt the fastest. She didn't like that and told us she wanted the one in the freezer to melt FIRST! It was fun for her though, even though I'm not sure how much she understood. She liked doing an "experiment", just like Sid!


Betsy said...

That's so fun!

Jordana said...

how fun! :-)

if you want some more ideas - this book looks really great. I haven't used it personally but have read of people that have...