Sunday, February 01, 2009

Back in the Land of the Living

I am pleased to report that after almost a month of battling with our cell phones, we finally have ones that are working properly again! Please welcome us back to the land of the living!

For those of you who don't know:

About a month ago both of our cell phones (which we had had for less than a year) started dropping calls randomly and quite frequently (practically every call we made). After being sent 2 sets of "refurbished" phones that were the same model as our original phones and having the same problem with all of them, we were finally given brand new phones this past Friday. Thankfully we were able to get a completely different model and brand than our original ones.

We are still unsure of what was causing our problems, but we think it might have something to do with the old batteries. For some reason (warranty?) we had to keep our original batteries with each set of refurbished phones we tried. It's odd that 6 different phones (3 for me and 3 for Kane) that we tried would all have the same problem. The only thing that was consistent in each one was the original batteries. Very strange problem!

When they finally sent us new phones we (thankfully) got new batteries as well. We haven't had any problems the past 2 days with the new phones, which is just wonderful after a month of fighting with them every day.

I also want to say that AT&T was very apologetic and did their best, while staying within their policies, to help us through that crazy time. They even credited our account for the days we didn't have full service, which we were pleased about.

By the time this was finally resolved my patience was totally gone and it feels so nice to know that if I call someone I won't "hang up on them" 5+ times while we are talking. I felt so bad for those I tried to call too. I know it wasn't fun on their end either. So, a big thanks to all our family and friends for your patience with us and our silly phones.

So, this is our new phone.

In fact it is a much nicer phone than our other ones and I think I will
like it a lot! Actually, my brother-in-law who works for AT&T said he is
jealous of our phones as it is his favorite model they sell at the moment.


Tara said...

Yeah, that does look like a cool phone...I really like Nokias and would have probably gotten another one this time if I wasn't looking for something FREE! :) I'm very glad you won't be hanging up on me all the time now and I'm also glad that I didn't get a Samsung phone! :)

Dad said...

I know how frustrating that can be. Glad you finally got it resolved.

Katie said...

Yeay for new phones!!!!!

alley said...

Cool phones! I'm so glad that the problem is fixed! Yay!
Love you guys!

Heidi said...

Love that phone...Jeph and I are BOTH jealous! :)