Friday, February 06, 2009

Snow Play Day

Earlier in the week Mara Kate and I made a fast, spur of the moment trip up to Knoxville. It turned out to be the perfect time for a visit because it snowed while we were there and Mara Kate got to play in the snow! She got to build a snow man with Kane's mom and we also did some sledding in the front yard, which she enjoyed more than I expected she would.
Normally she complains if she is cold (and in Atlanta it usually isn't that cold), but while she was out in the snow she was as happy as a clam! Her little legs felt like icicles, but while we were out she was having a blast! I even said, "I'm cold!" and she said, "I'm not cold!" ha!

Here are a few shots of our time in Knoxville, as well as our time playing in the snow!

Loving on Papa Dog at supper one evening.

Sporting her shades at breakfast while the sun was shining in on her!

Silly girl!

Getting ready to GO!

Attempting to sled with Tuie. She nor I went very far on the snow.
Mara Kate was light enough she just glided right across the top!

Having so much fun!

1-2-3, GO!

Sliding down, facing backwards! She didn't mind a bit!

Walking back to the top with Papa Dog.
I think this is a really sweet picture!

Me with my girl!

Mara Kate and the Snow Lady she made with her Tuie. SO fun!

Check back soon for some videos of her sledding!


Christy said...

SO adorable Jana! I can't believe she's old enough to go sledding by herself!!! Too cute! Glad you had fun

dad said...

It looks like you all had a really fun snow day. MK looks like she was having a great time.

Heather W. said...

This brings back fond memories of going to my grandparents' house and sledding down their hill...thanks for posting about this!

Brittany Duckett said...

Precious! We got a couple inches in Bristol also! I wish I could have made time to go sledding.. ahh to be a kid again!

Janelle said...

GREAT pics!! SHe looks as precious as always, what fun. :)

alley said...

So sweet! That one where she's walking in the snow with her papa dog is so sweet! I'm glad you guys had fun! I can't believe I haven't gone sledding yet! Maybe this up coming winter. Love you guys!
Love, Gator :)

Heidi said...

AW! I want snow! I am so glad you got to fit in a good snow day this winter for your little girl. Poor Grant makes "snow angels" on the living room floor :( God's timing is awesome!! Love the pictures!