Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Earlier this week Mara Kate and I did an activity together that helped her identify letters and put them in the correct order in the alphabet.

I printed out these little cards with bears on them and wrote 1 letter on each, then I hid the letters all over the apartment and she had to find them and put them on the strip I had on the floor. This way she recognized the letters, matched them to the ones written on the strip and put them in the right order. Sometimes she had a hard time finding where a letter "fit" and I'd help her sing the abc song until we got to that letter and then she'd know "where" in the alphabet the letter fixed. She did super and kept saying as she was running back and forth, "I love this game". While she was standing at the strip looking for a letter she'd say, "Come on H" until she spotted it! It was really fun and cute to watch her.

She loved this activity and I think we could also safely say she got some "physical education" that day because she ran around the house non-stop looking for letters!

All done!
She made me leave it out on the floor until Daddy got home so
she could show him what she had done that day
. :)


Jordana said...

what a cute idea! isn't so much fun to see your kids interested in learning? :-)

crossfield said...

What a clever idea and an intelligent little girl!

Dad said...

Great idea. Very creative!

Katie said...

So fun! Ella Ann would love that!

Susanna Rose said...

Great idea of course Jana! It looks like she is having so much know I'm going to have to try this!:)

P.S. I copped out of doing potty training with Micah again this week...hopefully next week! Thanks again for the helpful tips!

Aunt Jane said...

What a great teacher you are. The learning can be so much fun for both of you...keep us posted!

Janelle said...

great idea! you are such a good teacher Jana.

Heidi said...

So cool...I might have to copy it! She is such a smart girl!! Miss y'all! :)