Saturday, January 10, 2009

Busy as Bees (or Yellow Jackets)

This week has been busy! Busy, but in a good way! My sister Heidi and her 2 children arrived Wednesday morning for 2 day visit. We did a little shopping at Michaels and HomeGoods the first day and worked on a art/craft/painting project that afternoon. She wanted me to help her make some hand-painted personalized signs for one of her friends whose daughter's were having birthday parties this weekend. On Thursday we hit IKEA, which is a normal thing to do when anyone in my family comes to Atlanta. We had some good "sister talks" and enjoyed watching the kids play dress up, doctor and many other things together.

Thursday evening while Heidi, Grant and Olivia were here my friend Katie called me to let me know that she was IN LABOR! I had committed to keep Ella Ann until out-of-town family arrived when it was time for her to go to the hospital. So, I headed over to meet them at the hospital and bring Ella Ann here. We played musical beds made room for Ella Ann to join the bunch! Grant and Mara Kate were both excited to have someone else to play with and Ella Ann did just fine being here. It was Mara Kate's first time to have a friend "spend the night"! They both slept on the floor right next to each other!

Heidi and her kids left yesterday morning and then Mara Kate and I made a little trip over to the hospital to meet the newest Jensen family member, Rane Simms Jensen. Mara Kate and I both got to hold him and ohh and ahh over all his teeny, tiny features. So precious! I also really enjoyed visiting with Katie and hearing all about her labor and delivery.

Sadly Kane ended up going back into work today instead of having the day off like usual. He is trying really hard to make good progress on his research and felt like he needed to re-run some experiments before next week. So, Mara Kate and I have been alone today. This morning we did go out to get the car washed and on our way home stopped to see Kane at work for just a few minutes. So, we have been busy, but have been trying to enjoy our time with each other.

Sleepover with Ella Ann

Mara Kate and Ella Ann in their pjs ready for bed!

Snuggled in bed next to each other

The next morning, eating oatmeal together

Mara Kate, Ella Ann and Grant

Pretty Olivia, sweet as always

Visiting Daddy at Georgia Tech

The AFM (atomic force microscope). This is Kane's research instrument.
This is the instrument he is using to get his Ph.D.
Sometimes I refer to it as "his other wife".

Mara Kate watching her daddy gather some data.

Lab book and samples

Kane and Mara Kate, his little science kid!
(Mara Kate watches a show on TV called Sid the Science Kid and she loves it!)


Kane said...

I'm really sad that I had to go to work, but I'm very thankful that you are so understanding. I'm glad you and Mara Kate stopped by. What would I do without your love and support?

Aunt Jane said...

Thanks for the update. I have been waiting to see what is the latest with you. It is so hard to believe how big Mara Kate is getting. So sweet!!!

alley said...

How fun to have EA over! I was really excited when I had my friend over to spend the night too, Mara Kate. :) It must have been really fun for you and Heidi to visit. Wish we lived close enough to do that too.Love you all,


Grandpa said...

I'm having coffee this morning, and every time I take a sip, I see Mara Kate smiling at me from my coffee cup!

Heather W. said...

Kane, I know the feeling! I can't tell you how many Saturdays (and Sundays, sadly) I had to spend in the lab. I want to encourage you that it will pay off!! Keep it up!

MK's little table is so amazingly cute!