Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Wii" Love Our Friends

Last week our friends the Jensen's invited us over for supper and to play Wii! I had never played before, but it was really fun---actually more than I expected it to be!

Katie made an AMAZING meal of cheese stuffed, bacon wrapped chicken, grilled veggies and yummy potatoes. She really outdid herself for us, but we were very appreciative (and impressed!). We were sad that Spencer wasn't able to be home in time for supper. He got delayed at the hospital with a patient, but we did see him for a little while before we headed home.

We had a blast visiting with Katie, Spencer and Ella Ann and we are just SO thankful for their friendship. I know that my life in Atlanta wouldn't be nearly as good if Katie wasn't a part of it, so I do thank God for giving me such a special friend locally.

Anyway, here are some pictures of us looking ridiculous playing the Wii. I took one of Katie, then she snapped on of me playing to "get me back", so I'm posting BOTH!

Katie (7.5 months pregnant) boxing with Kane

Me beating Kane to a pulp! (or, was it the other way around?!) ha!

The girls happily entertaining themselves together with old cell phones...

...and some cuddle time on Ella Ann's bed.

Those girls are like two peas in a pod!


Katie said...

Oh I look like a moron! :) Thanks so much for your very sweet words..you know I feel the same way! And I did not outdo myself with the meal...I promise it was too easy, you guys are just too nice!! We had a really good time with you all and can't wait to do it again!


Dad said...

What game were you playing on Wii? We played bowling on Grandpa Bickley's Wii, but you only use one controller for that.