Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Visit

One Happy Girl at the Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we went to a local farm to visit their pumpkin patch. It's was Mara Kate's first trip to a pumpkin patch and man did she have a great time! It was crowded, but we were very impressed with the way everything was set up and our time there was very fun!!

When we arrived we took a little time to check out the farm animals. There were goats, little pigs and a big turkey. After that we took a hay ride out to the part of the farm where the pumpkins were located and spent quite a bit of time out in the patch taking fun pictures and picking out which pumpkins to bring home. Mara Kate was excited that she got to pick out her very own pumpkin, which she leaves in her room on display (when she's not carrying it around with her).

After picking out our pumpkins we caught a ride back to the other part of the farm on another hayride. Before heading home we got some yummy homemade ice cream (only in Atlanta is it warm enough outside to enjoy ice cream in October!) and Mara Kate got her face painted, which she thought was totally cool.

It was a really fun place to spend our afternoon and we made some fun memories, which is always something we love doing!! We also took lots of fun pictures and as usual, click here to see them all.

For our Atlanta friends, in case you are wondering where we is the info.

Berry Patch Farms, Woodstock, GA (about a 40 minute drive for us)
  • Cost: FREE parking, FREE admission, FREE hay rides
  • Pumpkins were $0.79 per pound
  • Mini pumpkins, $1 each
  • Pie pumpkins, $2 each.
  • Snacks and activities vary in price, but were very reasonable.


Tara said...

Sounds like fun. We were supposed to go to a pumpkin patch Friday with our homeschool group but most of us had colds and it turned out to be a rainy day so we decided not to go...I am hoping we might be able to go sometime soon if it is warm enough--wish there was a FREE one here!

Aunt Jane said...

Love the post. I remember so well our memories at the pumpkin patch in Little Rock with our girls. It was an annual family event. So glad you are making so many wonderful memories with your sweet you guys