Thursday, October 16, 2008

Age of Technology

Earlier this week my friend Rebecca came for a visit and she has the new iPhone. Mara Kate loves Rebecca, but after finding out about the cool things her phone can do, I think she is extra fond of her now!

While we visited, Rebecca looked up some Clifford video's on you tube, which she can access from her phone and set it on Mara Kate's knee for her to watch. Mara Kate was enthralled and wouldn't even look at me for one second. Her little eyes were completely glued to the little screen in front of her.

My phone doesn't have many bells and whistles (I'm just thankful to have an awesome ring tone and a phone with a camera built in! ha!) and definitely cannot access you, I too was pretty impressed with the iPhone. Thanks for a fun visit Rebecca and also for teaching Mara Kate about the cool things about technology at such a young age! :)