Monday, October 27, 2008

Proud Mama

Warning: bragging to follow

I am a proud Mama today!! This morning while Mara Kate was playing she got out her crayons and I asked her what she was going to color. She said, Nuffin!"--then proceeded to do this:

She got every crayon out of the box and lined them up, grouped together by color! She had never really done any kind of organizing before on her own. I looked down and saw this and was surprised and immediately filled with PRIDE! It's so fun watching her learn new things almost daily and see her challenge herself with things like this---all for FUN!

What a smart girl!


Vanessa said...

A girl after my own heart. I'm proud of her too!!! =)

dad said...

Considering who her mother is, how could she NOT be an organizer?

Aunt Jane said...

This aunt who teaches 1st grade is very proud of her...that is an amazing sorting job, of course, she comes from a long line of smart girls...=)

crossfield said...

WOW! I do that with MY markers... ROYGBIV!

Andrea said...

WOW...I think that is very impressive!!!!!