Monday, October 06, 2008

Mission: Marriage Getaway 2008

This past weekend I planned a surprise getaway for Kane and me. Kane knew something was "up", but he really had no idea what I had planned. All last week he kept guessing at things and I had so much fun hearing all the things he came up with that were not at all what I had planned.

In order to make it more fun I decided to give Kane a "packet" of information that would reveal what we would be doing. I sort of did a Mission Impossible theme and told him that he, Agent K. Barker had a "mission" and then gave him information that included his task and purpose (to enrich our marriage by spending time away) and specific instructions on how to carry out his mission. It was so fun coming up with everything and Kane seemed to really enjoy my plans and also the fun I had working out all the details.

We had a great time away at a cabin up in Dahlonega, Georgia. Some sweet and generous friends from church allowed us to use their cabin there for the weekend and we loved having time to rest, relax and explore that area. We are so thankful to the Jackson's for their hospitality and also to Heidi and Jeph for giving up their weekend at home to come to Atlanta to stay here with Mara Kate. She had a blast playing with her cousins and hanging out with Aunt Heidi and Uncle Jeph. So, again, thanks to all who helped make this happen. It truly was a wonderful, wonderful weekend for us!

Kane's top secret information regarding his "Mission".

Kane opening the first envelope revealing that we would be leaving town
in a couple hours to head away for the weekend, alone!

Pretty happy about what we were doing. :)

Relaxing at the cabin.

The cabin. Perfect for what we needed.

The view from the front porch. I sat out there on Saturday morning
to drink my coffee. It was like heaven!


In Dahlonega--in the square where we browsed and shopped.
Kane is sitting on the "husband bench".

Some cute shops on the square in Dahlonega.

Self-portrait. :)


Kathryn said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your weekend away!! You guys are welcome to use the cabin anytime!!! Seriously, I mean that :-)

Betsy said...

That is the cutest little cabin I have ever seen! I'm glad you had a good weekend.

Katie said...

Such fun! the place looks beautiful and I'm so glad you were able to get away as a couple and enjoy spending time together! Have fun at the other cabin now!


Jason and Kim Vinson said...

What a great idea and a wonderful place to go. I remember our trip years ago and enjoyed it very much. Glad to hear you guys had a great time together!

Susanna Rose said...

I like Kim have great memories of our time at their cabin a few years ago with all you guys! Hope you had a great time!!:)