Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random: Stuff

I just love Monet. Always have. Always will.


1) Mara Kate is talking so much. This morning she was telling me that she wanted our car to have a window in the roof (like a friend's car she rode in who has a sunroof). I told her that our car didn't have a sunroof, but maybe we'd get a car with a sun roof later. She said, "No, I want OUR car to have a sunroof. You need to ask God!" At least she is getting the concept that we should run to God for everything. I don't think she get's that some things just are what they are. Her most recent prayer request in the evenings before bed is that "Daddy won't go to work". She loves him so much, she just wants him to be here all the time. It's a sweet request and she keeps asking for me to pray for that each and every day. Some day she'll be thankful her Daddy is such a hard worker. :)

2) I'm really enjoying my Bible study at church. We are doing a Precept study on Danial. I am enjoying the study, getting to know some new ladies and getting to see my sweet friends in the middle of the week.

3) I'm ready for Fall! This week I've been going through all of Mara Kate's clothes for the coming season. I have some things for her for this Fall and things others have given or passed down to me. Yesterday I tried on at least 40 things on her. She was a good sport while I dressed her over and over again to see what if anything still fit from last year or if things were going to be too big. I rewarded her with a 30 minute TV show and a treat afterward. Now I know what holes she still has in her wardrobe so I can shop with purpose at a kids clothing consignment sale I'm going to soon. This morning I hemmed some jeans that fit her waist, but were way too long. It feels good to get her closet a bit more organized that before and have an idea of what we have/need. I love having a sewing machine for mending/hemming/adjusting things. It sure makes things fit and look better.

4) Kane and I have started a new tradition after being married over 4 years. We've started cooking a big Saturday morning breakfast together. Usually pancakes, bacon and eggs. Sometimes biscuits, grits and we may add in french toast sometime soon. It's nice to get up (late) have a nice big breakfast to start your day off right, skip lunch and just get to play all day long. We are enjoying our new found pace for Saturdays. Do any of you do this type of thing on the weekend? I don't know why we've waited for years to start. :)

5) My friend Katie has got me started on the Stephanie Meyer Twilight 4 book series. Very different than my normal reading material, but I am well into the 2nd book and am looking forward to finished the 3rd and 4th as soon as Katie can pass them along to me. We are also planning to go see the movie when it comes out in November.

6) I am really enjoying my birthday present from Kane. Netflix. I have been using it to watch past season's of Grey's Anatomy. I just finished watching season 3 last night. There seems to be a long wait for season 4 on Netflix which isn't great because season 5 starts on TV this Fall, so I don't know if I'll want to watch it if I haven't been able to watch season 4 before it starts.

7) I'm ready for the weekend. I have a baby shower to attend, which will be fun. I always enjoy those kinds of get togethers. Kane and Mara Kate have plans to go to the Aquarium and check out Mandi the brand new Manta Ray they've gotten. They are both pretty excited about it!

8) We are also looking forward to our church's Church Wide Retreat coming up the end of September. I know there are going to be some good speakers there and I am hoping it's a wonderful time of fellowship with our church friends. I've never been to a church-wide retreat, so I'm excited to see how it goes.

I guess that's enough for now. :)


Dad said...

Dear Jana,

Thanks for the updates. I wonder if I would have any idea of what your day-to-day life is like without your blog. By reading it, it is almost(ALMOST)like I am there. Thanks for the regular and varied posts! Love you!

Susanna Rose said...


You'll love your new breakfast tradition! Rick and I have been doing pancakes, etc on Saturday mornings for a while now and it really is a nice treat to look forward to!

Vanessa said...

Sean and I have cooked a big breakfast on Saturday mornings since we got married almost 5 years ago. We usually have pancakes, eggs, and sausage or bacon. Sometimes he makes waffles as a change. I usually cook the eggs and he does the rest(including the clean up - what a guy!!) and we love our tradition. Sometimes he will even make the pancakes into fun shapes=)