Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Afternoon Playmate

Yesterday I kept a friend's daughter in the afternoon while my friend attended a workshop downtown.

Mara Kate and I get together with friend's fairly often, but it's not that often that Mara Kate has a friend over when I don't!

They had a blast together holding hands in the car, holding hands in the hallway while we walked in from the car and also just playing with baby dolls and other toys. I actually got some stuff done around the house while they played, so it worked out really well. I also took both of them down to the fitness center while I got my exercise session in and they entertained each other in the playroom. Even though neither girl took their nap (we tried, but ended up with just an hour of rest-time) they were both very good, happy and shared really well. It's fun to see your child truly enjoy the company of another child. I'm so thankful Mara Kate has several friends she dearly loves and I'm glad I love their mother's as well! :)


Dad said...

Being able to have and enjoy a relationship with a friend is just one more sign that she's growing up! A newborn can't participate in a friendship, but sometime between then and now, that changed. Love you, sweet girl. (You too, Mara Kate)

Bobbi Jo Brooks said...

how fun! The Lord continues to provide everything MK needs including her dear friends!

Christy said...

So proud of you for keeping up with your exercising this week Jana! Good job friend :) I loved our time together on Wednesday (and you didn't keep me too was perfect!)