Tuesday, August 12, 2008

World of Coca-Cola

This past weekend we packed our Saturday full of fun! Since I was out of town on my actual birthday, we decided to do something fun and special this past weekend once we were all back together.

When we moved to Atlanta we made a list of "Atlanta things" we wanted to be sure to do while we lived here and we have slowly, but surely been checking things off our list. After this weekend there is only one thing left (a play at the Fox Theatre) which we will check off in September. But, on Saturday we were able to go to the new World of Coca-Cola, which was something else we've been wanting to do. Mara Kate had already been once with Kane's parents, but gladly went along a second time with us. But, this time she was proud to wear her Coca-Cola T-shirt!

We had a good time and tried many yummy (and some not so yummy) drinks that the Coca-Cola Company makes and sells all around the world. My favorite besides Coca-Cola Classic was a sweet, fruity drink called Bibo. I think it is sold in South Africa...mmm!

Mara Kate and me in front of some very large decorated Coke
bottles right inside the front entrance.

Mara Kate's hair! She sat still long enough for me to braid it and
she was so proud of how it looked when I was finished.

Our All-American, Coca-Cola loving girl!

Coca-Cola signs and other Coke antiques

A Coke bottling "robot" in the Bottling Exhibit.

Some cool things made out of Coke cans.

Hanging out with Daddy

Finally, some ice cold Coca-Cola! That's one happy girl! :)

After we left the World of Coke, I dropped Kane and Mara Kate off at home and I headed out to do some shopping. After that we went out for a yummy supper, so it really was a fun-filled day and I'm so glad to be back home with Kane and able to spend good quality time together.

Thanks Kane, for a great day together and for making my birthday celebration
continue all the way through the weekend. I felt so special! Love you!


Jason and Kim Vinson said...

HI Jana! Happy Birthday and Anniversary! It looks like you've had some great celebrating in the past week; both your life and your late grandfather's. I'm so sorry to hear about his death. I got tears reading your post. You honored him well in it. Just catching up on reading blogs and wanted to say HI. Miss you, Kim

Dad said...

Happy birthday again, Jana. I'm glad we were, once again, able to spend your birthday with you and have some grilled chicken to celebrate! I love you.

Christy said...

MK looks so grown up in these photos!! I can't believe how cute her hair was in those French braids! Glad you had fun...CJ

Katie said...

The World of Coke looks like a lot of fun, I will have to go sometime! I love MK's hair braided! Too cute, especially sporting the Coke t-shirt!

I had fun with you today! Can't wait to catch up again soon!


Heidi said...

Hey--I don't know how I missed this post, but I did! It looks like y'all had a lot of fun :) I want to go sometime! MK's hair does look really cute! I need you to give me french braiding lessons...soon! :)

Jennifer said...

Did you try the "Beverly"? That was an option at the old World of Coke. Its the only Coke product that I remember trying and it was disgusting.