Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Family Fajita Night

Last night was our Family Fajita Night which is most of the time a weekly thing around here. We were going to grill out last night and had the burgers all seasoned and ready to go, but because of the rain, we made other plans. Hopefully we'll be able to grill out tonight instead.

So, our back up plan became Fajitas (big surprise!). :)

And, as usual, they were quite tasty. I enjoy cooking so much more when Kane is there to help and keep me company.

Is there one certain meal that is a staple at your house? Something you make often and never tire of? For us that is Mexican food through and through. I'm so glad we both agree on that!

Kane manning the meat and veggies on the stove.

Fresh salsa in the making.
(Katie, thanks for the fresh cilantro! Yumm!)


Jordana said... I want fajitas!!

what makes fajita seasoning different from taco seasoning? i make my own taco seasoning and would love to try to make some fajita seasoning too. :-)

hope you are having a glorious day!

Heidi said...

Looks so yummy!! We need to have a family fajita night on our next visit...since we're family, too :) Looks so yummy...and I am glad you had company in the kitchen! That always makes it better.