Monday, August 11, 2008

A Happy Birthday

My birthday was last week while I was in Kansas City for my grandfather's funeral. Although I wasn't planning to spend my birthday with my parents, sisters, nieces and nephews, I got too. Even though I wasn't able to be with Kane (which was my plan) I still had a good birthday, because I was surrounded by family.

I went out to lunch with my mom, sisters, all the kiddos and my Uncle Al. After lunch my mom and I headed to see a matinée showing of Mamma Mia and then that evening my mom and dad cooked a yummy, Burton family meal of whatever I requested...which of course was BBQ chicken off my dad's grill along with lots of yummy sides made by my mom. I was missing Kane, but very thankful for my family's effort to try and make it a fun day, even in the midst of sadness and grieving.

Before anything happened with my grandfather, I had made plans for a Girls Night Out with some of my close friends here in Atlanta as a way to celebrate my birthday. I was so excited about this evening out and I was so glad that I made it home from my trip in time to still go. I got home late Wednesday night and our Girls Night Out was Thursday. We all left our toddlers at home with our husbands or babysitters and enjoyed a night out, just us girls! We all wondered why we hadn't done something of the sort sooner, but left with plans to make this a regular thing!

Here's me, with my birthday sombrero on!

(Not the best picture of me, but I decided to post it anyway, as it will be remembered for sure.)
Also, the very cool necklace I'm wearing in this picture was a birthday gift
from my sister-in-law, Elizabeth. Thanks Elizabeth for thinking of me. :)

My wonderful friends!
Thanks you guys for all the cards, gifts and for your fellowship that night.
I needed it and it was definitely a warm welcome back home.


Ryan said...

Happy Birthday Late!