Friday, July 04, 2008

A Visitor

This week Kane's sister Elizabeth came from Nashville for a visit. We had a really nice time and stayed so busy we didn't have much time for picture taking.

On Tuesday afternoon we hit the pool less than 2 hours after her arrival, which was really nice. Mara Kate had a blast showing Aunt BeBe how good she is getting at swimming and splashing everyone!

Wednesday morning we went to the Georgia Aquarium, which Mara Kate loves and showed BeBe the beloved penguins. BeBe also bought Mara Kate a little stuffed penguin from the gift shop. Mara Kate is madly in love with "Penelope Penguin" and has taken her with her everywhere since.

Wednesday afternoon we hunted down some bead shops in the Atlanta area. Elizabeth is an excellent jewelry maker so we were excited to explore a couple shops. She found some things and so did I. Elizabeth brought all her jewelry making tools with her so she made me a necklace with matching earrings while she was here. I'm very happy with the way they turned out and felt proud to know that I took part in designing them.

Thursday we had a relaxing morning, ran a couple errands and then went out to lunch. For supper Elizabeth took over my kitchen and cooked Korean food for supper, which Kane was very excited about. It was yummy!

Elizabeth, we are thankful you made the effort to come see us. I know Mara Kate enjoyed having you here as did we. Thanks for all the books you read to Mara Kate, for cooking and also for your company!

Reading books with BeBe

BeBe, Mara Kate and Penelope :)

Kane with his big sis and little girl

My new necklace and earrings--what do you think of our design?


alley said...

Love the pics, Jana. Looks like MK REALLY,REALLY likes ''Penelope Penguin!'' :) It sounds like you had lots of fun with ''Aunt BeBe.'' =) Love ya lots, Alley
P.S. And yes, I do like the design of your necklace and earrings. =)