Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Happy 4th

Although our 4th of July plans with Heidi and Jeph fell through because of sickness, we still ended up having a really nice day. I was so sad when the decision was made that it would be best for the Guinans to stay home and get better.

Because of that I really didn't want our day to be spent doing nothing, especially since I had 5 lbs. of potato salad in my fridge. :) I ended up talking to my friend Katie and we spontaneously threw together a plan for a cookout. We had most of our day at home to just do stuff around the house, which was really nice but then we headed over to the Jensen's to grill hamburgers and eat lots of other yummy 4th of July type foods. The girls had a blast playing outside while the guys supervised them and the grill. Katie and I of course chatted it up inside while getting everything else ready.

We enjoyed a wonderful meal together and then stayed to play Bohnanza (one of our favorite games) with them. It turned out to be a really nice, enjoyable evening and one we promised we should repeat often over the next year. It was really easy to come up with enough food when we both pitched in and we really wondered why we hadn't made that happen more often.

I'm so thankful for friends, food, fun and the freedom we celebrate in our country. I hope everyone else had a great 4th as well!!

Happy Birthday, America!

The girls!

The men, doing a man's job. :)

Our Spread

Ella Ann chomping down!


crossfield said...

Nice "pose" by the grill, Kane! I thought that might be a grill tool in his hand, but, no, it's Penelope! Love y'all!

Katie said...

We had SO much fun! It was such a good 4th! Thanks again for bringing the food and the fun! Can't wait to do it again!


P.S. That is such a good pic of Ella Ann and Mara Kate!

alley said...

Sounds like ya'll had lots of fun on the 4th! We had fun too!