Sunday, July 06, 2008

Weekend Pictures

We've had a fun 3 day weekend and Mara Kate must have worn herself out! Friday we said goodbye to Aunt BeBe and then went to the Jensen's that evening.

Yesterday Mara Kate and Kane went to the aquarium while I spent some (much appreciated) time alone at home. Mara Kate played in her room some in the afternoon and then in the evening we all went to the pool for awhile.

This afternoon after lunch we let Mara Kate take her nap in our bed, as there was a very loud false fire alarm going off at our apartment complex and I thought she might sleep better in our room than hers because of the noise. Well, sleep well she did! She slept from around 2pm until 5:30pm. I think we went and checked on her at least 5 times expecting her to be awake...but she was zonked out. I finally snapped a photo of just how relaxed she looked. I told Kane, maybe we should get her a memory foam pad for her mattress, since she seemed to sleep so well on ours! :)

Mara Kate playing with her castle.
It's been fun listening to her play these days as she is really getting into pretending,
which she was doing here.

Mara Kate taking her loooooong afternoon nap.


Katie said...

3 1/2 hours??? WHAT? I can't wait until Ella Ann gets a "real" bed! Maybe I'll get some lucky days like that! ha!


Christy said...

So cute to see her snoozing like that Jana! Reminds me of her "storage room" naps here at "work". Love you,

Heidi said...

I can't believe how old she looks in the one with her playing....then straight back to being your baby when she's napping :) So sweet! See you soon!!