Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Edit: A Big Day

No nap today. She just laid in her bed, sang talked and played with her stuffed animals. Guess that means an earlier bedtime tonight (fine by me!).

After I let her get up from her "rest time" I asked her, "Mara Kate, why didn't you fall asleep?" She looked at me and said, "Big girls take naps?" I said, "YES! Big girls take naps too, just like babies!"

Hmm. Hopefully she did not just give up her nap time along with her paci. Keep us in your prayers!


Not-as-Newlyweds said...

Hopefully she will take a different path now that "big girls take naps, too," but my niece who turned 3 in May sings and talks to herself through her whole "rest" time. As the aunt and uncle, we find her songs quite amusing and endearing to listen to over a monitor, but I know her dad and mom would rather she slept! :)


crossfield said...

uh oh.

Andria said...

Uh oh, well it's 8:40pm as I write this and I just prayed for Mara Kate's rest and comfort without her paci. I know this is a big transition for you all. You are definitely doing the right thing by sticking with this, good for you!
I need to get Diego weaned off of sucking his thumb, too bad I can't pack it up and send it away :)
Can't wait to see you girls at the pool tomorrow!

Betsy said...

I'm amused!