Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Big Day

Yesterday was a big day for Mara Kate. Yesterday was the first day of the rest of her life---without a pacifier. :)

Mara Kate has slept with a pacifier (actually multiple paci's) her entire life. She just slept better that way and because she did, we did too. So, in many ways her paci was a huge blessing to us...but, it has also been a curse at times, because it has been a crutch too. Having to always think, did I get her paci? Always making sure there is one in the diaper bag. Needing to have it on hand or a nap just wouldn't happen.

I decided that we needed to get rid of it sometime this summer so I started talking to Mara Kate weeks ago about the fact that soon she would be a "big girl" and that she wouldn't need her paci anymore. We decided that it might help her if she "gave" all of her paci's to a new baby that needed them more than she did. So, we talked to her about giving them to my friend Ruth's baby when it was born. She seemed excited about giving them and has mentioned doing it several times. I knew she was happy to share and give, but I wasn't sure she really understood that once she gave them to the new baby that she wouldn't get to have them anymore.

Yesterday I gave Mara Kate a small gift bag, we gathered all her pacis and put them in a pile on the floor. I let Mara Kate put them in the bag which she did without hesitation. I asked her if she needed to suck on them one last time or give them kisses. She didn't suck, but bit one and then said, "I love you paci" then stuck it in the bag. We put tissue paper in the top and set the bag on the counter. I decided we needed to get through one nap time and one night without the paci before driving over to Ruth's. We just needed a trial run to see if she was really ready to give them up (thanks BeBe for this idea).

Yesterday at nap Mara Kate had some trouble falling asleep on her own and called for me. I expected her to ask for her paci, but she didn't! (First small victory!) She just said, "Mommy, I need you". I sang her several songs and rubbed her head. I think she fell asleep before I even left the room. She slept for less than an hour and woke up crying. I sort of expected that to happen. I soothed her again, but she never fell back asleep. I had her stay in her bed and finish her "rest time", which she did quietly without a problem. I started to dread the night and had visions of her waking up every 45 minutes wanting us to help her go back to sleep. I had prepared myself for a long hard night.

Well, I'm pleased to report that last night literally could not have gone better! At bedtime we sang to her like usual and told her to just close her eyes and lay still. She had a couple of her favorite stuffed animals, but no paci and she never mentioned it. She went right to sleep and although we checked on her before we went to bed and once early this morning she never made a peep the entire night! I am SO proud of her!!

So, we'll take the giftbag to Ruth's hopefully today and I really think that will be the end of it. The first night went great, so I'm greatly encouraged that from here on out she'll do well.

The next thing on my list will be potty training. Let's just hope it goes just as smoothly! :)

All wrapped and ready to go.


crossfield said...

I'm so glad I had an idea to offer up; that makes me feel good. :) I'm proud of that little girl, too, and proud of her mommy and daddy for training her up in the way she should go!

Christy said...

Well done Jana! So proud of you and MK! Will pray for tonight and potty training :)

Dad said...

Well, here's the way it works. She gives up the pacifiers today, you blink your eyes, and the next thing you know, she's asking to borrow the car. You blink again, and she tells you she needs your help moving out of your house! Well, it doesn't really happen that fast, but it will seem like it did after it happens.