Monday, June 23, 2008

Vacation Bible School

...or "Bible Cation School" as Mara Kate called it today.

This week I am helping with our church's Vacation Bible School and I am co-teaching 4 year olds with my friend Katie. They also have a class for the 2 year olds that Mara Kate is in. This class is the cutest by far as their extra-small t-shirts still hang off of them. They get to participate it all the same activities as the big kids and they all had a blast! Mara Kate loved seeing her friends Ella Ann and Diego as well as several other sweet little two year olds. They all had their matching t-shirts on and looked so grown up. The 2's are called The Apples of His Eye, so sweet.

Our 4 year olds are called Kingdom Kids and our theme this year is Olympian---so all the teaching, decorations, crafts etc. have to do with running the race and being star athletes.

We made it through the first day with lots of questions, confusion and schedules running a bit late, but I think overall everything went well. I know by Friday I'll be exhausted, but I'm excited to be a part of making this year's VBS a success.

I snapped some pictures of our Olympian Training Center (classroom) and of Mara Kate with her class as well.


This morning before heading to the church.
Mara Kate wasn't happy because I had to brush tangles out of her hair.
Speaking of hair, this picture also show off my new do too.

Our room

Race gear decor

The "race track" we made. This is where our kids lined up before leaving the room.

Some of our kiddos

"Coach Jana" and "Coach Katie"

All lined up, ready to go

Opening Ceremonies
You can see Mara Kate with her class sitting right there on the front row.

Mara Kate's class having their "recreation time"

The 2's heading back to their classroom

Finished with day 1!

Happy to be at VBS!


Christy said...

Such cute photos Jana! So glad it went today! I'll pop over and see you tomorrow :) Love,

Kathryn said...

I came to your blog today to see if you posted anything about VBS, and of course, being the faithful blogger you are.. you did!

I'm glad you and Mara Kate had a good time :-)

See you tomorrow!

Jordana said...

glad it went well! VBS is quite the undertaking! :-)

your hair is adorable!!

Katie said...

Boy I'm worn out! Today sure was fun with you, though! I look forward to the next 2 days....I think we did a great job and it was a blast! I'm ready for bed! ha! See you bright and early tomorrow!


Dad said...

I'm glad you had a good time, even though worn out. Your hair looks nice!

Heidi said...

Love the hair, too!! Cute :) It looks like everyone is having fun...and your room looks good! Y'all look cute in your matching t-shirts!