Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 3

We have made it through 3 days of VBS...Phew. I think all the kids and teachers were dragging today. Our 4 year olds are doing really well learning their bible verse (which we add onto each day) and by the end of the week they should have it all memorized. It helps that we are teaching hand motions to go with the words---I should remember to use hand motions for other things I need to remember---it really is a great tool! ha!

Mara Kate officially hates the morning assembly time where all the kids gather in one room and sing and listen to our youth pastor present different parts of the gospel each day. They usually have skits to help "tell the story", which really scares Mara Kate for some reason. The last two mornings her teacher has held her out in the hall way during the skits and songs because she refuses to even enter to room. She does seem curious enough though to keep looking into the room, but only from the safely of the hallway.

Below is the only picture I took today. Not the greatest, but still cute of Mara Kate and Ella Ann. Their teachers told Katie and I that they pretty much hold hands everywhere they go. So sweet to see friendship blossoming between them, even at this age.

Pray the rest of this week would go well and that we would all have the strength we need to persevere to the end!

Ella Ann and Mara Kate (holding hands) at the end of VBS, Day 3