Thursday, May 29, 2008

Girly Lunch

Mara Kate and I met a friend of mine for a "girly lunch" today at the Swan Coach House in Buckhead. We had a really nice time as we always do when we eat lunch with my friend Gail. I worked with Gail at Curves here in Atlanta during the first year living here. Thankfully we have stayed in touch over the past 3 years since we stopped working together.
Gail has 3 children that are about my age, but none live in the area. Since I don't have family here either, its been fun having her to meet for lunch on occasion.

Thanks Gail for a great lunch!

Their featured dessert, "The Swan"

Gail with Mara Kate in the gift shop

This is a great place to eat and if you are ever in this area you should check it out!


Heather W. said...

That looks like such a nice place!

My parents always took my sister and I out to a super nice restaurant once a year while we were growing up. It was such a treat and I still cherish the memories of those outings. I hope Mara Kate does the same!

Heidi said...

What a beautiful place! Such a fun girl's day out. That's so sweet of your friend to be your family away from family!

alley said...

How fun!!! I always love girly things! Can't wait to see ya'll in July! Love, Alley
P.S. Jana, every month me, Liam and Mommy and Dresden and Megan have a tea party. I love planing it and doing it. It is a chance to spend time with my family! Love ya!