Monday, May 05, 2008

Birthday Weekend

This past weekend we celebrated Kane's birthday by going to Knoxville for the weekend to visit his family. It was a really fun weekend with enough to do to keep us busy, but relaxing at times as well. Both of Kane's siblings were able to come in as well this weekend so we had the entire gang (minus Choonghwan who had to stay in Nashville to work).

Mara Kate exploring in Tuie's garden.
She loved looking for tadpoles in the little pond.

Tuie and Mara Kate swinging on the porch.

Mara Kate went to a greenhouse with Tuie and Elizabeth.
They took lots of pictures while they were there. Here's one of my favorites.

We had been talking for awhile about getting Mara Kate a little guitar for her to play while she sings---which you know is her favorite past-time at the moment. We found one while we were in Knoxville this weekend and she had a blast playing it and singing for everyone.

Playing music with her Aunt BeBe.

Swinging with Aunt Laren

A big smile with Uncle Patrick.

On Saturday Kane and I went out to dinner together just to two of us,
as part of his birthday celebration...

...and then came back, ate cake and opened presents.

My sincere apologies to PapaDog!

Apparently he didn't make it into any of my pictures this time. I'm sure it was because he spent a lot of time with Mara Kate outside pushing her on a swing while I was busy doing other things.


alley said...

It sounds like ya'll had a great time! Jana, please tell Kane happy late birthday! I am sorry I didn't call him on his birthday. :( I was just REALLY busy on Saturday because Dresden had a birthday party. Happy LATE birthday Kane!!! :)

Betsy said...

she's such a happy girl!

Aunt Jane said...

Happy belated birthday, Kane! The picture of MK at the greenhouse is so sweet. It looks frameable to me...Thanks for keeping your blog updated...Looks like you had a fun weekend with Kane's family.

Christy said...

Hey Jana! Looks like you guys had a great time...happy birthday to Kane! Was wondering if you want to do lunch on Thursday? Love to catch up...

Susanna Rose said...

MK looks so incredibly happy in these pictures...what a beautiful little girl she is!:) And a late HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Rick and I to Kane as well!!