Tuesday, April 08, 2008

We Made It

One of the fountains in the Country Club Plaza

We made it to Kansas City and to my parents house just fine. We actually did make it in one day, thanks to Heidi's in-car DVD player the kids watched pretty much the whole drive. After leaving Heidi's around 6:15am and being in the car/on the road for 16+ hours we arrived at my parents house. After a tour and some tight hugs we crashed, so thankful to be out of the car for awhile.

We are having a good time so far and have already fit a lot into the time we've been here. We still have a lot to do, but here are some of the hightlights from our trip so far.

*Yesterday my sisters and I went out for a special lunch with mom. My dad kept all the (non-nursing) grandchildren and we ended up eating at a really fun Mexican restuarant in the Plaza. What fun and what a treat!

*On Friday all 7 kids enjoyed some play time in my parent's back yard where there is a swing set with swings and a slide. My dad was run ragged trying to make sure everyone got their "turn" on the swing and slide...pushing little ones on the swing, then running over to the slide to catch whoever was coming down next. Sweet memories were made.

*We've spent some good time with all of my grandparents and have taken LOTS of pictures!

*On Sunday we had a wonderful time in worship at my parent's new church and were happy to attend Megan's baptism as well as a luncheon at the church afterwards hosted by Tara's "flock group". Mara Kate enjoyed going to Sunday School with Grant and brought me all the things she colored and glued during the time in her class. She was so excited to show me what she had done.

We still have Smokestack BBQ to look forward to as well as a baby shower for Tara and Megan tonight.

I have taken lots of pictures, but didn't bring my cord to upload them, so if I can find one to borrow I may post some soon. Otherwise, I'll do that once we get back home.


Dad said...

It's been really great having everyone here and being run ragged. I'm lovin' it!