Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kansas City Trip

We are HOME! We had a great trip, but are glad to be back! Kane drove to Birmingham yesterday and met us at Heidi's house last night. It was so good to have him there waiting for us the minute we pulled in the driveway. After Jeph got home from work we all went out for some yummy Mexican food, came back to their house and bathed all the kiddos then pretty much crashed! I slept hard last night and plan on sleeping harder tonight back in my own bed.

It was really great to see everyone who lives far away. Thanks for everyone's hospitality, welcomes and love while we were there.

I took a lot of pictures, but am only posting three. If you want to see them all click here and here.

Me, Tara and Heidi.

This was our first attempt at getting all 7 grandchildren in a picture together.
This one wasn't very successful.
In order of age, and left to right, Alley, Liam, Dresden, Grant, Mara Kate, Olivia and Megan.

Second attempt--better.


Dad said...

We all had a great time while you all were here. We thank God for your safe travel back home. Great pics! Thanks for sending them.

Susanna Rose said...

Welcome back!:) It looks like you had an awesome guys were very brave to do such a long trek with all your kids!