Saturday, March 15, 2008


Thanks to all of you who commented on this post. It's good to have a better idea of who I'm writing to/for. I'm glad to know you really enjoy hearing about what we are up to and like all the pictures of Mara Kate as well.

I think we'll keep up this blogging stuff for awhile longer then.


Susanna Rose said...


Please don't give up! I check your blog every day and would truly miss having it around if you stopped! Your so good at just letting people into your daily life through all the cute pictures and tidbits on what is going on with you guys...and as many people said, the fact that you post on a regular basis keeps us all expectant and coming back for more!!:)

P.S. You are not alone in wondering if blogging is worth it sometimes! We should start a blogging support group!:) Regardless, let's press on!!!!!;)