Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sleepy Head

As a child, I remember always feeling so safe and secure any time I got the chance to sleep in my parent's bed. Mara Kate loves her "big girl bed" most of the time, but a few nights ago she woke up crying right around the time Kane and I were getting ready for bed. I ended up just bringing her to our room and laid her down in our bed and told her to be still while we finished getting ready for bed. She immediately went right back to sleep right in the middle of my pillow. It was so, so sweet seeing how comfortable and relaxed she looked.
Once I was ready for bed I slid her over a little and laid down right next to her. We cuddled for a little while and then we ended up putting her back in her bed so we could all 3 have more room as we slept, but I do cherish the special times like these.


Susanna Rose said...

Yup, cuddle times in bed with little ones is the long as they don't get too reliant on sleeping with mom and dad!!;)