Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

We are having a fun Valentine's Day around here, complete with balloons, candy, cards, stickers and flowers! Mara Kate and I went to the church office this morning so she could pass out valentine's cards to all the staff there she has grown to love over the past few months. We hadn't been there is 2 weeks, so it was really fun for her to go see everyone again.

We have more celebrating to do tonight as Kane and I have a date planned, and Mara Kate is excited to go stay with some of our friends-Christy and Andre's house tonight and play with a couple other kids while we go out.

I'll post some more pics later of the fun we had today,
after I get our camera back from Kane---he needed it at school today.

Here is Mara Kate with Ella Ann on their first Valentine's Day (they were 2.5 months old here)...I still remember those cute little matching outfits! :)

Mara Kate last year on Valentine's Day


Katie said...

Love the pics! Wow, the first picture just seems like yesterday. They sure were cute in their matching outfits!!
Hope you had a nice date!