Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In Love with Books

Someone told me recently that I should be thrilled that Mara Kate LOVES books. They said that we should very much encourage her love for books because it is the beginning of a great education, a love for learning and an ever growing vocabulary.

Well, she really does love books! She loves to look at them on her own and she loves to be read to, which is something she asks for several times a day. I am so thankful that we now have more time at home these days that I can sit out sometimes more than once a day and just read to her. I usually lay on the floor on my tummy and she lays on her tummy snuggled up right beside me so she can be sure to see the pages. It has become a very sweet time we spend together. Kane also gets in on this activity sometimes in the morning before work (they are both early risers) and always in the evening after work. I can usually find her plopped down right in his lap as he reads one book after another while I am either cooking or cleaning up supper. I love that we all have this time together and that it is building a good solid foundation for many future years of learning. I also love knowing that helping to instill the love of reading in her, I know she will always be able to learn---whether someone is teaching her or if she is interested in something completely on her own--if she can read, she can learn.

While I was doing some cleaning yesterday, I noticed Mara Kate was being very quiet. I went to see what she was up to, and this is how I found her.

I just LOVE it!


Katie said...

Ella Ann is the same way! She thinks I'm a walking book that has to read to her 24/7! When the girls get tired of their own books we will have to do a book swap for a few weeks. I know I sure would enjoy reading some new material, I'm sure you are the same!