Friday, February 15, 2008

Feeling Loved

OK, ok, I admit it. I LOVE Valentine's Day! I know not everyone gets into it as much as I do, but I am thankful to have a husband who humors me and makes me feel so loved on this holiday.

Mara Kate and I had fun running errands yesterday decked out in red, passing our valentine cards to some special people in her life and Kane and I had a nice date last night. Mara Kate also really enjoyed staying with Christy and Andre and watching Cinderella. :) I felt so loved the whole day.

Here are some pictures from our Valentine's Day!

flowers from my Valentine

Mara Kate's flower from her Daddy. She helped pick it out when she went with him to Kroger at 7am to get my flowers. Her flower wasn't the most beautiful, but since her favorite color is green right now, she chose this one because she liked it's "geen leaves".

Message I left for my sweetie

Dressed up for our date

Mara Kate Valentine's Day 2008


Bobbi Jo Brooks said...

looks like you had a good valentine's day. I see i am not the only one giving balloons to mara kate while babysittng anymore :-)

Susanna Rose said...

So nice! It makes me happy to see married couples making much of such a special day!:)