Sunday, January 06, 2008

Spruced Up Space

Today I spruced up Mara Kate's room a little bit. She has needed a toy-overhaul for awhile now and with all the extra things she got for Christmas it just couldn't wait any longer!

We got the white cubed bookcase (pictured below) at IKEA yesterday afternoon and I think it will be (at least by me), one of the most appreciated purchases we've made in quite awhile--simply because we purchased my sanity when we made that purchase.

I am already loving how everything has it's own designated space and that there is still "room to grow". Mara Kate played with toys today she hasn't played with in months, simply because they were organized, visible and had all the pieces in one accessible place. I love it!

OK--So here are the BEFORE pictures, as Kane was beginning to assemble the bookcase:

And After:


Stacy said...

The rooms looks beautiful!

You did a great job.
Love the new shelves.

lizzykristine said...

Visting for the fist time via Biblicalwomanhood. Glad I found your blog!

I love those shelves! I have a thing for compartments and white storage -- they make things look so tidy. :)

Heather W. said...

oh wow, it looks great! The white shelves look so nice.

Anonymous said...

What an adorable bedroom! Seeing your pics brought back such memories, because my older girls (now 19 and 15) had that exact same kitchen with they were little.