Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Looks for the New Year

After the holidays I always feel the need to get things re-organized after packing away all our Christmas decorations. I also like to try and use the things I received for Christmas, especially any home goods!

Here are a few pictures of the re-arranging and decorating I've done since the New Year and a few of the "pretties" I got for Christmas that are currently incorporated into our home's decor.

New table runner, currently being used on our dresser.


Side view of table runner and new "hat boxes" I got to store the contents of my desk.
(I am getting rid of my desk for now, and have downsized to these boxes, which I think will work better and are much more practical for our current living situation).

Contents: office supplies, stamps, notepads/scratch paper, stationary, envelopes, etc.

Monogrammed drinking glasses (I think these are way cool!),
chargers, napkins and napkin rings.


lizzykristine said...

I love those hat boxes!! I sometimes use those big round popcorn and cookie tins -- the antique-looking, pretty ones -- to store this kind of stuff, too.

At one point I was storing dog treats in one the tins, and my dog caught on and started scratching the tins up, asking for a cookie. Not such a good idea. ;)

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)