Saturday, January 19, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I am blogging from my parents house. Mara Kate and I made a spontanious, surprise trip up to Virginia to see my parents one last time before their big move. They have been planning for sometime to move back to Kansas City (their roots), but are now finally making the move as their house has finally sold (after being on the market for 9 months). The house that was home to me for many years. There are lots of wonderful memories that were made in this house. Many Christmas' and other holidays together. My sisters and I were all living here when we got engaged and married. All of our babies think of this house as "Mimi and Grandpa's house" and so, I am so glad to be spending a few more days here before they turn the keys over to the new owners and make their drive to Kansas City. Although I am happy for them and excited about their new life in Kansas City it will take awhile to adjust to the fact that "home" isn't going to be here anymore. I know my real home is with Kane, but anyone who has had parents move after they are grown and gone know it can feel weird and be a bit sad.

While at home in Atlanta last week I think the reality of their move was starting to really hit me. Now that they have a moving date it finally seemed more real than ever before.

I knew if I didn't come now I wouldn't have the chance to see them for several more months and that would also mean a long trip to Missouri, rather than a quick 5.5 hour drive to Bristol. I told Kane that I needed to make the trip and he graciously agreed to let "his girls" go for a few days (Thanks so much , Babe). After working it out to get the time off work and a trip to the grocery store to make sure Kane would have food to eat while I am away, I started packing. I made the drive up---and SURPRISED Mom and Dad! I didn't tell them I was coming, so it was really exciting to just show up at their door! They were very surprised and happy to have a grandbaby to love on over the next few days and happy to have some packing help from their overly organized daughter! Mom said she is thankful to have me here making and implementing a plan to keep things in order in the midst of more and more things being packed away. I am so thankful for the chance to be here to help out as much as I can during this busy time.

This visit has already been special to me for several reasons---one of which was a great visit with my friend Jordana and her family yesterday. Also, I have been able to stop in where I used to work to see some special former co-workers. It was good for emotional closure for me to go see several Bristolians that have been a big part of my life here in the past and have meant so much to me.

I know once things are settled and I am back home with Kane I'll be fine and will remember this visit with good memories, but I so needed this time. Although I moved away from Bristol over 3 years ago, there is still a part of my life and heart that has remained. Now that my parents are leaving I am having to deal with the fact that so much of what remained is now going. Such sweet, sweet memories, such bittersweet feelings.


Dad said...


We had a lot of Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas mornings here. Having a cozy family room with a fire in the fireplace and family all around are special memories of this house. We will all remember these times, as well as many more. Thank you for coming, and the special surprise!

Betsy said...

My parents moved from my childhood home in December - they had lived in that house for 24 years, and I was really sad to say goodbye to the place I had called home for so long! It was also hard not going there for Christmas. I understand!