Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More Organizing

For those of you who really know me, you know that I like to organize, stay organized and think about ways to increase organization around me. I think I was born this way--so it's not my fault!

This past weekend I asked Kane to install an additional, higher shelf in our laundry room just so I would have an entire new surface to organize! Actually, the shelf isn't completely full (yet), but I have more plans for what will go there in time. BUT--with the shelf in place I was able to move some larger, bulkier items out of my kitchen cabinets and create much more usable organized space in there as well. I learned from Like Merchant Ships that it is better to store all tupperware with the lids ON (if you have the space) and after 3 years of looking for lids I decided I would try and create the needed space so I could do this. Simply by moving the 2 plastic gallon pitchers I had in there to my new shelf I was able to shuffle things around enough to make more room to stack my tupperware with all lids secure.

I also plan to get a plastic tub to store all "craft-like" things that I own (i.e. hot glue gun, craft wire, light table, etc.) on the new shelf and other things as I realize that would be a more practical space for them.

I am also currently storing "off season" things like Spring placemats on the shelf. I want them accessible so I don't forget about them, but not in a cabinet I open daily as I won't be pulling some of these things back out for several months.


Meredith said...

Hope that works as well for you as it does for me.

At least when the kids spill everything out of my cabinet, it's only half as much to pack back inside!