Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fun at Home

Mara Kate got these building blocks for Christmas but is just now enjoying them at home. Our car was SO full coming home from our holiday travels we weren't able to bring everything home with us. On our recent trip I brought home a few more toys that we had left at my in-laws after the holidays. Mara Kate and Kane have been building "churches" (notice the crosses on top) together and have had a blast. I really think Kane is enjoying these blocks as much or maybe even more than Mara Kate. I think he is excited that Mara Kate is getting old enough to play with toys he still truly enjoys playing with too. :)

This is Mara Kate and Kane after she said,
"Daddy, build a BIG church!"

What fun!


crossfield said...

my niece looks so beautiful in this picture! i miss her badly.... we need to remedy that!